What is Soul Lotion?????

I had a very bizarre dream a few years ago about giving a presentation in college. In the middle of my presentation, the walls of the classroom disappeared and we were all standing on a beach. There were flashes of light in the sky and then a large gathering of people appeared. They were walking toward me with their arms out, chanting..."soul lotion, soul lotion...gotta get me some, soul lotion, soul lotion". And then, I was awake. And I thought to myself.."what the HELL is soul lotion!?!?"(at this point you are all probably thinking that I am absolutely out of my mind...but, hey, we all have weird dreams, right!!)
Then it occured to me that every now and then, when we are feeling tired, stale and dried out, overstressed, or just want to lay down and go to sleep for a week or two, we just need to rehydrate our souls. For me, that means reading a really good book, listening to some fantastic music, or reflecting on all the things in my life that make me feel happy.
So, that, in a sense, is what soul lotion is (I guess....I mean, maybe I AM just crazy!!) Anyway, I thought I'd share some thoughts, some music, some of my photography, and some of my soul lotion. Relax and enjoy.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Favorite Season

My favorite time of year is approaching and I have been busy working on some fun fall decor. I will be listing lots of owls as well as some decorative blocks for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoy this most beautiful of seasons, especially you northerners who are lucky enough to experience the crisp autum nights and the smell of fresh fallen leaves. Pictured to the left is "Owlexandria". She alreay has a home, but she has many more friends that will need homes as well. So visit my shop if you would like to see all of my new fun items. Have a fabulous Fall season!

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